Enough Y'all -with Kim Case

Michelle Nario-Redmond

Episode Summary

Dr. Michelle Nario-Redmond shares how she came to recognize extreme academic neglect of disability as a group, identity, and culture. We discuss the power of connecting to one’s disability community, disability culture, and the historical fight for civil rights. She provides an overview of the most common myths and stereotypes that alter the way we view disability. For educators, she offers a warning about disability simulation exercises, the lack of evidence supporting the effectiveness of these approaches, and the harm they can cause. Her 2019 book full of activist pages, Ableism: The causes and consequences of disability prejudice, is a must read. We concluded the episode with Dr. Nario-Redman’s pedagogical advice, as well as broader corporate inclusion of disability, and how allies can help advance disability equity in educational and workplace settings.

Episode Notes


Dr. Nario-Redmond's book: https://ableismbook.com/

(2019 Wiley) Ableism: The Causes and Consequences of Disability Prejudice

Dr. Nario-Redmond as guest on Adam Grant podcast

Todd Rose Ted Talk “The Myth of Average”